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The persistent knock

Written by Terence Lee Have you ever had that nagging sensation from the Holy Spirit, prompting, but because you were busy, or embarrassed, or uncomfortable, you turned your face away and ignored the prompt? For Danny and Lydia, it took many calls and 26 years before they answered God’s call on their lives to mission.

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Mission to the mountains

Written by Terence Lee Seven people huddled in a small room, heads bowed in prayer, speaking a rhythmic tongue, they pray to God asking earnestly for missionaries to come to their home, a village nestled in the northern mountains of Thailand. This had been their practice month on month for years, earnestly seeking God and

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God in the midst of suffering

Written by Terence Lee The sudden and tragic death of three family members; being married off to a man not of her choosing; caring for her sister as she slowly faded and finally being unwelcomed in her own home. Through it all, Anila still says “God never leaves us in the time of troubles, in

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Peace-making in Myanmar

Written by Terence Lee “Before that conflict, when we were young, I think every Muslim could visit any family of any religion. We had many Muslim friends when we were young, but in this age, we are not even allowed to visit their homes.” Patrick is referring to the widespread rioting and clashes between Rakhine

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Grassroots Discipleship

  Ever wondered what a strategic discipleship ministry among the grassroots of western-central and northern India entails? If so, the ministry of Rev. Shirish together with TAFTEE is probably a good place to start. Amongst the many ministry endeavours of The Association For Theological Education by Extension, Rev. Shirish and the team have been embarking

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Trained and sent for His glory

We praise God that on April 8, 2017, 67 students from 14 countries graduated from their International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) training, three of whom are from our small group. Steven will be going back to Myanmar to share Jesus and disciple young professionals in the marketplace. Marvin, who is an ex-convict, will minister

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Seeking His wisdom and strength in service

As we pour out in service of God, we need to be replenished. I count myself blessed for having completed the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Module 1 course in April. The three-month training in counselling has increased my capacity as a pastoral caregiver to the sick and suffering at the Christian Medical College and Hospital

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Praise God for His faithfulness

I would like to thank and praise God for his grace and his hand in all that we do. I am particularly glad for the opportunity to be a part of NPEVAC (National Partnership to End Violence Against Children in Sri Lanka).

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The fruits of local training

The need to train and equip pastors and church leaders is growing in tandem with the rapid church growth in Nepal, particularly in villages and other places outside the cities. But grassroots pastors and leaders in Nepal usually lack theological education and formal academic training, putting them at a disadvantage to enrol in seminaries or

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Drug addicts find true freedom in Christ

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Mahmoud (not his real name) checked into a drug rehabilitation centre in Pakistan not knowing who “the Son” is, let alone John 8:36. But 14 months later, he walked out of the centre truly a free man – with Jesus in his heart and

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