Transforming the Nations Seminar with Chris Wright

Those of you that attended, know the seminar was a great success with a challenging talk from Dr Chris Wright on the 5 marks of mission and the necessity for the church to engage in all aspects of mission in order to transform minds, communities and nations.

We are very grateful to DUMC for hosting the event and all those who helped make it a success.


Here are some pictures from the day;


Dr Chris Wright

Dr Chris Wright


Tan Kang-San introducing his new book

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Pray again for Diki

Serving Kathmandu, Nepal

Serving in Kathmandu, Nepal

We previously asked you to pray for Diki who is serving as a co-mission partner in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she and he husband help run a project for children with special needs.

She was admitted in June for surgery to remove a molar pregnancy. She contracted an infection post surgery and chemotherapy is being used to treat the infection.

She writes this week “Just want you to know that I am still  on chemotherapy treatment as my blood count is not normal yet and recently have had some complications from the treatment with my liver enzyme rising very high. I usually stay for 8 days in the hospital, a week rest at home and then back to the hospital. Now just mentioning the needle makes me feel sick. Its been about three months I have  now been out of the office and am longing to get well and resume my work again.”

Please join us in prayer for her full recovery, and also remember her husband Marama and daughter Faith.

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Visa Granted

Praise the Lord. Dennis and his team, to everyone’s relief, got their visa’s in time and have arrived safely in Pakistan to deliver the Samaritans strategy training as planned.

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South Asian Christian Youth Network conference 2013

SACYN 2013 delegates at the beach

SACYN 2013 delegates at the beach

“SACYN this year was held in Jaffna, Sri Lanka last week. I was involved as part of the planning team this year and am pleased to inform the conference went very well. The theme this year  was “ Deep Roots : Nurturing of Asia Christian Identities” . Among others , Kang-San delivered some teaching on ‘The foreignness of Christianity’ and challenged us that Christianity needed to adopt more Asian culture and in order to have impact on the Asian faiths . This weeklong journey of reflecting together was in in a region which served as the arena of armed conflict for almost thirty years , the war came to an end in 2009 , in its final leg ,over a hundred thousand people were killed in a span of a few weeks .

We were all moved deeply when we had the opportunity to  meet with the local community and hear stories of the tremendous and devastating impact of war and fighting in the area. However even in this ocean of despair and seeming hopelessness ,we also glimpsed Hope as we heard from and about individuals and the church of Ceylon as a whole who continue to strive for Peace and Reconciliation drawing strength and encouragement from Christ . It put into perspective just how effective Christians and church can be in our part of the world – South Asia were conflicts and violence in its various forms and intensities are on the rise .

I am now back in Delhi catching up on work and some needed rest! Praise God for a great conference.”

Stephen Edison – Regional Co-ordinator



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Pray for Visa


Dennis Tongoi

Please pray for Dennis Tongoi, International Director CMS Africa, that his visa for Pakistan will come through this week. Dennis and a team are due to travel to Pakistan (8th Sept)  to work with our country manager Aamir Shahzad in delivering ‘Samaritans Strategy’ training with the dioceses of Hyderabad and Lahore.

‘Samaritans Strategy’ has been very successful in Africa in engaging churches to take action to address social needs in their community with the resources they have available.

Aamir says “the training is the key for launching ‘Samaritans Strategy’ in Pakistan and we have been planning this event for some time, please pray the visa is granted in time”.


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Pray for Isaac and Dolly

Isaac and Dolly are based in New Delhi, India. Isaac serves as the regional coordinator ( North India ) for TAFTEE (The Association for Theological Education by Extension) . Dolly works closely with her husband and assists him in his area of work. TAFTEE’s ministry in India seeks to equip Christians, from lay members to leaders theologically though various courses and programs.

They ask for prayer;Taftee Logo

  • Pray for the existing students (3500) to progress well and finish the course. Pray also for the efforts to enlist Santhali native workers onto the program
  • Pray for the translation work in Malto and Punjabi languages. Pray that the translation of the materials would be accurate and prove a valuable resource with these people groups
  • Pray for finances, in particular scholarship funding for students which is need this year, and that the shortfall would be met
  • We are excited for the 275 native evangelists who completed the foundational course. Pray that the Lord would use them to build his kingdom
  • Please pray for healing for Isaac who is suffering knee pain
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Pray for Saia and Melody

Melody and Saia are Co-Mission partners serving in Khedgaon, near Pune, India. Saia has just taken on a new roll within the finance department of Mukti mission and Melody is working as a nurse in the mission hospital. They ask for prayer;

Saia & Melody

  • For Saia and his added responsibility at work with the new role. Pray that he quickly learns what is required.
  • For Melody who is suffering from backache since the delivery of their last child.
  • For their children Abel (3.5yrs) and Jacob (1yr), in particular their health as when they are ill it also causes problems with childcare.
  • For Mukti Mission, they have lost 3 staff families this year all of whom had more than 10yrs service. Pray that suitable candidates will replace them and come to serve. There have also been some staff changes at the English medium school which has created an unsettled time.

Saia and Melody have recently been encouraged by Matt 6:33 despite the challenges –

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


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Ministry with Afghan’s in Dehli

Stephen King has been within our Co-Mission Partner program since 2010 .  He has a strong desire and calling to witness to Afghan people groups . He was sent to IEM (India Evangelical Mission) as a consultant for their ministries which include social initiatives.

Placed in Delhi for he found that a large number of Afghan students, refugees and patients come to Delhi every day. There are large Afghan communities in certain pockets of the city . Opportunities to reach out to them was far more than what he could have found in Afghanistan. He has started ministry which includes going to the airport to meet and help out patients who come to India for medical treatment , finding avenues for the refugees to find work , providing guidance to afghan students to a new city and way of things opens doors to share the Word .

He sometimes faces resistance from the community and security can be a concern, but God has also blessed him with many opportunities to witness.

Please pray for :

– Two afghan families this month , one from Kandahar and one from Kabul who took back with them NT in Dari Language
– An organisation in Delhi with a radio program which has set aside a day to pray for Afganistan , they broadcast in 20 countries
– Growing number of people who pick up Gospel leaflets at the Delhi Airport who call back and express interest to know more
– Please pray for the safety and well-being of the family

Give thanks for :
– Martha, his wife has found a job in Delhi after two years away , the family will now be together ( Martha and the two daughters were in another city for almost a year where she found work as a vice principal of a school )
– The family plans to move into new accommodation which they found
– Stephen has finished a foundational course in the Dari language at Delhi university

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Samaritan Strategy – Pakistan

Aamir & Kindle attendee

Aamir (on right) with delegate


Samaritan Strategy is a training program designed to facilitate and empower local communities to look at their community needs and what resources they already have to address those needs. Aamir our country director for Pakistan leads the program for AsiaCMS. With training being held in Hyderabad, Karachi and elsewhere.

Aamir asks for prayer for a one-day Samaritan Strategy Training Session scheduled to take place on 27th July and is being organised by YCLN (Young Christian Leaders Network). Pray for the facilitators and preparations and pray for the attendees that they find the course both useful and encourages them to initiate something of God’s kingdom in their community.

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Pray for Stephen Edison’s mother

Stephen Edison, our team member in Delhi, asks for prayer for his mother;

Please keep my mother Shyamala Edison in your prayers . The past three weeks have been plagued with ill health arising from diabetes, migraine, blood pressure and other health issues which she is dealing with. Another addition to which is insomnia , which she has been suffering from most nights recently  . Given her great role both within our family as well as Albashir ministry , please pray for right diagnosis of all conditions and  His healing hand to restore her to full health.

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