Join in Prayer for new Co-Mission Partner, Rev Jim

Rev Jim Paul is our newest co-mission partner serving as hospital chaplain at the Christian Medical Centre, Vellore. Please pray for his ministry and his family;

Rev Jim Paul hospital bed
-for his stay in Vellore and family as they adjust to new life and ministry

-for his wife’s exam result and that she would get the government job she is has applied for

-for an effective ministry in CMC as he seeks to share Jesus in his care for the sick and through supporting the grieving families left behind

-and for their son who finding schooling difficult with language and home

-also for Jim’s grandmother, who is very sick.

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Co-Mission Partners finishing

Suman and Reena , Azahi and dina , Moitea and Elzee all of whom have finished their terms in ACMS Co Mission partner program this year. They now continue their journey in Mission in different parts of Nepal and India . Please pray for grace and guidance as they embark in a new phase in their calling. Also a prayer of thanks for the wonderful work for the Kingdom they achieved these past years as part of the program.

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Kang-San speaks at Lausanne Global Leadership Conference

Tan Kang-San our executive director is facilitating 4 sessions this week at the Lausanne Global Leadership Conference on Global Collaboration for Engaging Buddhist World. Please pray for him as he leads these sessions on top of his AsiaCMS commitments and for a fruitful and useful conference.

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Pray for Diki

This just came in from Marama, Diki’s husband (Co-MP serving Kathmandu Nepal – where they help run a project for children with special needs)

Please pray for Diki. She was recently admitted for surgery to remove a molar pregnancy. She is now suffering from an infection which seems to be serious and chemotherapy is being used to treat the infection.

Pray for Diki’s full and speedy recovery and for Marama as he looks after their 2yr old daughter Faith at this stressful time.

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Pray for Aamir’s Family

Aamir, our country manager for Pakistan asks for prayer for his family. Aamir’s wife Sheeba after a time of ill-health and low haemoglobin levels was admitted for surgery yesterday. Praise God that surgery went well. Pray also for full recovery for Sheeba and for God’s hand on the whole family at this difficult time.

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Volunteer for KL Office

We are delighted to have Michael Burke coming as a volunteer to the KL office next week. Michael was part of the CMS UK stewardship team and we hope to make use of these skills and experience.  He will help with writting some publicity materials, preparing donor proposals and offer advice as we draw up our stewardship strategy for the coming year.

Pray for Mike as he leaves his family behind for 4 weeks. Pray that it would be an enjoyable time for him and his time will be fruitful. Join us in thanking God for this provision.

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Saia and Melody

Name : Mr Saidingliana Sailo  ( Saia)  and Mrs Melody K Lalbuatsaihi

Sending Organizations : Synod Mission Board – Presbyterian Church of Mizoram ( SMB-APCM )  /  AsiaCMS

Receiving Organisation : Padita Ramabai Mukti Mission

Family:  two sons ( Abel and Jacob )

Location : Khedgaon , India

CoMP Since:  2008


Saia and his wife Melody, a trained staff nurse, have been with CMS since 2008 after completing their mission training in Mizoram. They serve with the Mukti Mission. Mukti is a Sanskrit word which means ‘freedom’

Mukti Mission was founded by Pandita Ramabai in 1889. She was born into a high caste Hindu family and educated at some of the best institutions of higher learning in both India and England at a time when women in India did not have access to even basic education. She encountered Jesus  Christ during her time in England and came back to have an immense contribution both in India’s Christian heritage as well as social reform , most prominently, that related to women . She was a renowned Sanskrit scholar of her time and also translated the Bible into her native tongue, Marathi, from the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

 Mukti Mission today continues to serve women and local communities, drawing on Pandita Ramabai’s values and with a strong Christian commitment and identity.  Based in Khedgaon , a village an hour’s drive away from the city of Pune , the Mission runs  orphanages , schools , a hospital and  homes for the ‘unwanted’.  All this work and infrastructure is literally centred on a historical church building which dates back to the establishment of the Mission.

Saia and Melody, with their background in nursing and education will be primarily involved with the schools and hospital, besides assisting with other aspects of the Mission’s work.

The couple has two sons Abel and Joseph.

Before their placement in Khedgon  in 2012 , the family had served as co mission partners in Punjab in northern india

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Ram Prashad and Kesari Shrestha

Name: Ram Prasad and Kesari Shrestha

Sending Organizations:  National Missions Commission of Nepal (NMCN) along with AsiaCMS

Family:  Amulya (Son) and Ashama (Daughter)

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

CoMP Since:  2002

Ram and Kersari Shresta are the first couple to serve as part of the Co Mission Partner Program. Based in Kathmandu Nepal, they have been instrumental in founding NMCN which works alongside churches in Nepal to training and resource missionaries to serve in different parts of Nepal as well as areas bordering India, Bhutan and Tibet.

Nepal is just emerging from years of armed conflict and is faced with low levels of infrastructure, education, healthcare, employment and food production. This situation is static in face of unstable political situation and breakdown of state machinery in various parts of the country. Frequent strikes and ‘bandhs’  ( blocking streets and bringing vehicular traffic to a halt ) by various groups make development even more difficult .

There is urgent need to capacity build church leaders in their leadership skills and theological foundation. Many church leaders are held back from formal theological training due to lack of academic qualification requisite for them, family and ministry responsibilities and financial constraints are other reasons.

Besides sending out people in mission in collaboration of local churches , NMCN provides a missionary training program to train and equip missionaries, Mission training for pastors and leaders and workshops for Christian professionals and youth to encourage them to be linked and involved in Mission.

MNCN also runs and education program for children in slums and a wonderful work within prisons in Nepal , developing support structures and bible study groups within them.

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Rev. Lendehl Rey Sallidao

Name : Rev. Lendehl Rey Sallidao

Sending Organizations : The Episcopal Diocese of Central Philippines ( EDCP)  / AsiaCMS

Family :  Faith Maymaya ( wife ) / Three sons (  Kurt Ivan , Kyle Sean and Keith Vincent )

Location : Metro Manila ( Philippines )

CoMP Since:  2010


Rev Lendehl leads ‘Jigsaw’, a ministry which seeks to respond to the challenges which confront the living conditions of children who live in vulnerable condition in the informal dwelling places of Metro Manila. The ministry focuses on families and envisions the growth of caring and loving families, communities and societies ; growth of faith, love and hope in the lives of children living in extreme poverty through kids club activities , school sponsorships,  feeding programs , ministry to street children and ministry to teens and parents.

Rev Lendehl sees his ministry as living out his call to servant hood, representing and witnessing Christ and serving the poor, weak, sick and lonely. Besides his involvement in Jigsaw, He also carried out his pastoral responsibilities with St Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Lendehl’s wife Faith who is a Nurse by profession is a great support for him and the ministry.

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