Raising Profile & Support in KL

As we open the new office in Malaysia, please pray that we would be able to raise the profile of AsiaCMS with local churches and other organisations. As a start-up we need to look for volunteers and supporters to help with administration and raising awareness. Pray too, that we would be able to raise financial support so we can set-up the training programs we have planned for 2013 and continue our ongoing work across Asia.

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India Visit

From 17-27th Feb, Kang-San and Loun Ling will be in Delhi, meeting with CMS Mission Partners, Co-Mission Partners, together with Philip Mounstephen (Executive Leader CMS UK) and Paul Thaxter (Transcultural Director CMS UK) and a series of planning meetings with Board members and church leaders in India.  Pray for Stephen Edison who is coordinating various meetings for our visits.

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Friends of China Conference

From 8-15th February, Kang San and Loun Ling will be speaking at Friends of China Field Conference’s 25th Year Anniversary celebrations to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  They will be giving the bible readings and conduct various seminars.  Pray for our preparations and God’s blessings on the conference to be held in Thailand.

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Bhibin Shakya & Family – Nepal

Name : Bhibin Shakya

Sending Organizations : National Churches Fellowship of Nepal / Church Mission Society

Family: Romi ( wife) , Simran ( daughter ) and Sandesh ( son)

Location : Kathmandu (Nepal)

CoMP Since: February 2009

Bhibin Shakya serves as the Director of Grace Community Service ( GCS ) which is a social service ministry of the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal .

GCS seeks to reach out to people who are most marginalized and impoverished in the society . One important  aspect of their work is to raise awareness in the church and Christian community  and encourage the them to  reach out to those in need  in their local contexts . For the past two years , with CMS support GCS has been reaching out to churches in various parts of Nepal , making them aware on HIV/AIDS and removing stereotypes  and changing perceptions associated with the infection .

The organization has a special burden for people affected by HIV/AIDS and has been involved in raising awareness works  to transform lives of people living with it .

A large number of people from Nepal travel abroad as migrant workers. The majority go to work in India, the remainder to other  countries in Asia and the Middle East . They play a significant role in the transition of HIV/AIDS. Injecting Drug users are another major category at risk . Due to it being a sexually transmitted disease, there is discrimination and marginalization of people living with HIV/AIDS, both in the society in general  and even within the Church .  People affected often have to suffer discrimination and ostracization  because of lack of awareness and  misinformation about the disease .

Bhibin sees a growing need to reach out to them . The need is great but the laborers are few . GCS has plans to extend their service geographically and also seeks to build on their awareness , income generation , counseling and vocational initiatives . A major challenge in this is lack of adequate funds

Bhibin and his family live in Kathmandu which is the Capital of Nepal .

Personal Story from Grace Community Services :

Chinimaya Gayek, 24 years old lives at Ganga Basti village in Bardiya district. She has 8

years old son and a small hut. She had an arranged marriage with Yam Bahadur Gayek

when she was 16 years. Her husband had no proper job in the village. He got a small

piece of land from his parent where he made small hut

made by them.

Chinimaya says “He went India to earn money after a

month of our marriage. We were in communication for

8 months since then it’s already been 8 years he is out

of communication.” Many times she knew that he often

visited brothel and did not send money at home. She

also heard that he became ill in India and it must be he

infected by HIV that’s why he disappeared. Nobody

knows about him.

She was alone and helpless. If she managed morning meal then she should worry about

evening meal most of the day. She was helpless and hopeless. When she got involved in

the capacity building programme in the church, she knew about Jesus Christ first time in

her life. She got many friends in the church and got new life in Christ. Currently, she has

opened a small cosmetic shop in the village with the help of Grace Community Services.

She is no more alone and helpless an important thing is that she received Jesus Christ as

personal savoir.

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Manoj Pradhananga & family – Nepal

Name : Manoj Pradhananga 

Sending Organizations : National Churches Fellowship of Nepal / Church Mission Society

Family: Anjila ( wife ) , two daughters ( Shruti and  Smriti ) and a son ( Shrey)

Location : Kathmandu (Nepal)

CoMP Since: June 2007

Manoj Pradhananga serves as the director of the Leadership Training Department (LTD), which is one of the arms of the National Christian Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN)

Leadership training has been recognized as one of the main needs of the growing church in Nepal.  The church in Nepal is one of the fastest growing in Asia, however with this growth; there is also a parallel need for equipped leadership in the church.

Nepal is just emerging from years of armed conflict and is faced with low levels of infrastructure, education, healthcare, employment and food production. This situation is static in face of unstable political situation and breakdown of state machinery in various parts of the country. Frequent strikes and ‘bandhs’  ( blocking streets and bringing vehicular traffic to a halt ) by various groups make development even more difficult .

There is urgent need to capacity build church leaders in their leadership skills and theological foundation. Many church leaders are held back from formal theological training due to lack of academic qualification requisite for them, family and ministry responsibilities and financial constraints are other reasons .

In this context the short-term trainings which LTD provides have proved to be effective. Main trainings which they provide include a three month residential program for Christian leaders which impart basic Christian leadership skills. Another important training is focused on Women.  ‘Women Leadership Training’ is  pioneering in a culture in which women in leadership – both within the church and society in general – still needs to gain acceptance.  ‘Family Seminars’ are focused on strengthening marriages and family life.

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Tang Po Kau

Name : Tang Po Kau

Sending Organizations : Presbyterian Church Hong Kong Presbytery / Church Mission Society

Receiving Organisation : National Churches Fellowship of Nepal

Location : Kathmandu (Nepal)

CoMP Since: 2007

Po Kau  has been working in Nepal since 2007 . Her work is mainly focused on church leadership training with the Leadership Training department (LTD) and the Mission Commission on Nepal (MCN) which are wings of the NCFN.

Nepal’s Christian history until the 1990’s was one marked by persecution and restrictions. With more democratic freedoms during the 90’s , the church there has been growing at a big way, mainly in the central and eastern parts of the country.

However this growth is tempered by an ever growing need for proper and sound theological grounding for the church leadership and it is in this important sphere that PO Kau contributes. Nepal’s culture, both within the church and society at large ,  is still coming to terms with women in positions of leadership . Issues of gender and caste with deep roots in traditional Hindu society , continues to be a challenge within churches here.

Po Kau’s presence and the training on ‘women leadership skills ‘ ( with LTD ) which she delivers in different parts of Nepal is very important in this respect .

Po Kau was born in Hong Kong and growing up, had a traditional Chinese and Buddhist upbringing. She came to know the Lord in high school and after university and graduate school has worked for years as a social worker and a youth minister with the Cumberland Presbyterian church before coming to Nepal to serve.

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Esther John Gnanakan

Co – sending Organization: Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS)

Location: Colombo(Sri Lanka)

CoMP Since: February 2012

Sexual abuse of children is one of the least reported and most prevalent form of sexual abuse around the world. Difficult as it is to even think about, sexual abuse of children of all ages including infants, happens everyday. According to a 2009 study published in Clinical Psychology Review that examined 65 studies from 22 countries, the global prevalence of child sexual abuse has been estimated at 19.7% for females and 7.9% for males. In Sri Lanka the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA), estimates over 20,000 cases of child abuse may occurred in the first half of this year (2012). Sri Lanka is principal source of child pornography for the market in the United States and Europe. LEADS estimates that there are 30,000 boy prostitutes in the country most of whom are between the age group of 6 and 14.

Because of the shame associated with sex and sexual abuse in Asia, most cases go unreported which puts into perspective the sheer challenge posed by this evil which is a constant threat to our children.

Esther is a CMS Co–Mission Partner who works with LEADS ‘ESCAPE project’ which has a vision of eradication sexual abuse of children from the country. As a child psychologist, her work involves counselling and therapy for children. A significant part of her time also goes in raising awareness and advocating in this issue. This is a challenging ministry which takes its toll both physically and emotionally. Strengthened by her faith in the Lord and her love and burden for children, Esther’s ministry is a true reflection of His compassion. This project is one of the very few in the country which is specifically committed on this issue and serves in face of many challenges.

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