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Seeking to be immersed in the Cambodian culture


By Alexis Hamilton, Asia Gateway Missions Training

My husband Alan Hamilton and I set off on a mission trip with a deep desire to learn more about the life of Christians in Cambodia, the Khmer culture, and how we can be of service to God in that country.

It was a heady mix of experiences in our field exposure trip from 11th to 18th of July 2015. We enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Still, challenges abounded.

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SACYN 2015: Building for the future


SACYN 2015, a reflective-planning gathering, is aimed at building on the three years of training module which was completed in 2014.

Themed ‘Spirituality and Integrity in Youth Leadership’, it is being held at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, India, from Oct 16 to Oct 20.

It is focusing on a reflection on the journey of SACYN for the past 12 years, as well as plan for the future in the light of those reflections. The reflective-planning sessions will be complemented with serious interactive sessions on Christian leadership, facilitated by senior church and mission leaders.

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A journey of discovery in Cambodia

Anilal (L) during a house visit

Anilal (L) during a house visit

By Anilal M. Jose, Asia Gateway Missions Training

What a difference a week can make. An immersion in a rural setting in a faraway land similar to my own has helped me in rediscovering and reformulating my objectives in life and ministry.

My field exposure trip to Cambodia between the 11th and 18th of July 2015 has impacted me in more ways than one.

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Teachable spirit produces bountiful harvest

Isha Limbu-Web
Feeling inadequate to be a useful servant of God? Take heart from the inspiring story of Isha Limbu, a housewife in a Nepali village who used to have difficulty speaking confidently with people. In fact, she had even thought that as a housewife she could not do anything significant outside her home.

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What is the Christian response to the Nepali earthquake?

by Dr Tan Kang San

We were in Shimla, India recently for AsiaCMS’ Board meeting. On 25th April, 2015, we experienced tremors in Agra, India and later followed the unfolding drama of the Nepali Quake on TV. In a globalized world, Christians worldwide struggle to respond theologically and practically to calamities. Where is God during enormous human sufferings? What should be the Christian response to untold sufferings inflicted on innocent poor communities? Here, I offer humbly a biblical reflection in solidarity with our Nepali friends as they reach out in practical love and a call for Christians globally to assist through our prayers and financial support.

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Inspired to evangelise after completing course

Testimony by Joginder MasihV1.1

Joginder sharing his testimony

Six students from various north Indian states successfully completed the “Following Jesus Christ” course on Sept 13, 2014 while 30 nursing students in Satbharwa, Jharkhand state, have enrolled for it. One of the students who graduated, Joginder Masih, has testified that the course has enabled him to know Jesus intimately. Joginder, who hails from a Hindu family, is now motivated to share the Gospel in his home state of Haryana, one of the least evangelised states in India.

Let’s continue to pray for the spirit of God to move in unfamiliar territories, so that the 30 nursing students would progress well in training until they have completed all the six modules. Please uphold the newly enrolled Punjab native evangelists in prayers too.

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Nepali orphan develops passion for outreach at training centre


Santosh was a one-time street boy in Pokhara, a famous tourist city in Nepal which is increasingly beset by the problem of street children. Hailing from a poor family in west Nepal, Santosh was orphaned at a young age when his father died. A few years later, he was forced to live in the streets after his grandfather, who assumed guardianship of him, also passed away.

Santosh was one of the estimated 250 street children in Pokhara sub-metropolitan and Lekhnath Municipality. But by the grace of God, Santosh was pulled off the streets at the age of nine and brought to the Christians of Indreni (Rainbow) shelter run by the Himalyan Life Nepal. At the centre, he found the love and compassion that he had been deprived of earlier. There, he decided to follow Jesus.

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Winchester Mountain trail - North Cascades

Manoj Pradhananga, our mission partner in Nepal, writes how he recently took a sabbatical and the journey as a result that God took him on.

” The word sabbatical was very new word for me. To dare to walk on the road where I and most of my friends had never walked before, made this journey initially uncertain and fearful. However, I decided to go on this journey for a month in August this year. After being involved in full time ministry for over 20 years I realised I was exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The first 3 days were very difficult for me to get settled. My emotions were not settling down. I was not able to detach from my work. However, on the 4th day my eyes were caught by Isaiah 30:15 that says, “In repentance and in rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength”. One of my expectations out of this sabbatical was to listen to his voice. Very next day, I confessed before the Lord and began to quieten my heart trusting on his faithfulness to speak to me.

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Saia and Melody

Name : Mr Saidingliana Sailo  ( Saia)  and Mrs Melody K Lalbuatsaihi

Sending Organizations : Synod Mission Board – Presbyterian Church of Mizoram ( SMB-APCM )  /  AsiaCMS

Receiving Organisation : Padita Ramabai Mukti Mission

Family:  two sons ( Abel and Jacob )

Location : Khedgaon , India

CoMP Since:  2008


Saia and his wife Melody, a trained staff nurse, have been with CMS since 2008 after completing their mission training in Mizoram. They serve with the Mukti Mission. Mukti is a Sanskrit word which means ‘freedom’

Mukti Mission was founded by Pandita Ramabai in 1889. She was born into a high caste Hindu family and educated at some of the best institutions of higher learning in both India and England at a time when women in India did not have access to even basic education. She encountered Jesus  Christ during her time in England and came back to have an immense contribution both in India’s Christian heritage as well as social reform , most prominently, that related to women . She was a renowned Sanskrit scholar of her time and also translated the Bible into her native tongue, Marathi, from the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

 Mukti Mission today continues to serve women and local communities, drawing on Pandita Ramabai’s values and with a strong Christian commitment and identity.  Based in Khedgaon , a village an hour’s drive away from the city of Pune , the Mission runs  orphanages , schools , a hospital and  homes for the ‘unwanted’.  All this work and infrastructure is literally centred on a historical church building which dates back to the establishment of the Mission.

Saia and Melody, with their background in nursing and education will be primarily involved with the schools and hospital, besides assisting with other aspects of the Mission’s work.

The couple has two sons Abel and Joseph.

Before their placement in Khedgon  in 2012 , the family had served as co mission partners in Punjab in northern india

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