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Empowering people through education

| News, Pray | May 04, 2016


Low literacy rates in developing countries have caused millions to be caught in a vicious cycle of poverty. In rural Pakistan, the effects on women are devastating, causing them to struggle against gender discrimination.

Take Bahgwani for example. She was uneducated, got married as a teenager, and was trapped in a culture where women had less or no freedom to live out their rights. But thanks to the Primary Education Project (PEP), Bahgwani could now see light at the end of the tunnel.

After joining the Women’s Empowerment Programme at PEP, Bhagwani now has the opportunity to help educate other women on the importance of education. With WEG’s help she has started to learn how to read books on her own and is even helping to start an adult literacy course for all the members.

Bhagwani has a heart that wants herself and her family to be educated. She was joyous and almost tearful when she learned about the WEG in her village.

“I don’t want my children to be uneducated like me. I want them to have what I couldn’t, and that is education, respect, and a good life,” said Bhagwani.

AsiaCMS co-mission partner LJC is project training coordinator at PEP, which serves in 85 marginalised communities of rural Sindh through providing awareness, education and training to teachers.

Pray for strength and wisdom for LJC and her team to manage the project, and for God to provide them the resources to continue the work that he has given them.

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