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Extending God’s love in an enduring way

| News, Pray | October 18, 2016


By Ram Prasad Shrestha

The Bible says there are only three things that endure – faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.

Providing a roof over someone’s head is an enduring way of extending God’s love. The National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN) is thankful to the Lord for enabling it to complete six earth-bag houses for victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal last year.

Five of the earthquake-resilient houses were handed over to victims in Dhading district on Aug 26.

Constant rain and government red tape had pushed back the completion date but thank God that these villagers finally have a place to call home again. The village communities also contributed towards building the houses through labour, and local housing materials such as doors, windows and stones. Each house cost US$3,500 to build, but NMCN spent only US$2,500 with the rest being local contributions.

About 100 people, including government officials and local leaders, witnessed the handing over ceremony for the houses. At the ceremony, local missionaries and NMCN board members spoke about the love of God and our extension of God’s blessings to suffering people.

We also shared briefly about the love of Jesus, who commands us to serve in His name to the destitute and desperate. Government officials, local political leaders and building recipients appreciated the support and help NMCN has extended to the villagers.

People of surrounding villages and government officials are very much aware of the work of Christians which has glorified our God. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our donors who contributed generously to the construction of these houses. Without their generous support, we would not have been able to bless the people and glory our living God.

We are continuing to build such houses as part of our earthquake relief work. Please pray for God’s provision to complete these projects.

Ram Prasad is AsiaCMS co-mission partner and executive director of NMCN


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