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Going back as graduate and His daughter

| News, Pray | August 23, 2016


Kopila (3rd from right) after her baptism lunch

Kopila went to Manila in November 2011 to study nursing. Now, she is returning home to Nepal as a nursing graduate and His daughter.

“Back then, I had no idea that an incredible transformation would happen in my life. The journey I went through from completely not knowing about Jesus and now proclaiming him as Lord and Saviour is a great privilege,” says the 22-year-old girl.

Living in a foreign land with a different culture and language was not easy. But her Nepalese friends studying at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) in Manila proved to be of great help.

“Seeing their heart to serve God and their loving nature inspired me in different ways and gave me hope,” says Kopila.

Coming from a Hindu family, Kopila did struggle with questions like how her family would react if she converted to Christianity. But she kept on praying and despite the busy schedule, continued attending the Makati Gospel Church English service, small group meetings and coffee break with missionaries.

“Through every message from service, God spoke to me and the advice of friends, brothers and sisters in Christ helped me to clear my worries. God answered all my queries,” she says.

She was baptised on Nov 22, 2015 and wants to build her relationship with Christ.

“We should live to please God not with burning sacrifices but willingness to obey him. He loves every one of us and every day is a new chance to know Him and be drawn closer to Him. He is so merciful and faithful.”

AsiaCMS co-mission partners Kumar and Kats Aryal teach at IGSL and have been instrumental in Kopila’s coming to faith in Christ.

Please pray for Kopila to join a church in Nepal as she returns home, and that she would be able to share the gospel and her testimony with family and friends, and patients at her workplace.

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