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HIV-infected Maya a symbol of strength in adversity

| News, Pray | January 05, 2016

By Ram Prasad Shrestha

For sure tens of thousands of people have suffered tremendously because of the earthquake in Nepal last year. Many had their whole families wiped out in the devastation. The unofficial blockade imposed by the Indian government about four months ago aggravated the situation by causing a severe shortage of essential items.

Amidst this darkness and bleak future for Nepal, Kanchhi Maya’s own life journey shines through like a beacon of the human spirit and God’s grace. Maya’s house was destroyed in the earthquake, but there were no casualties in her family. She and her father in-law stayed in a tent for several days in Thakle Kavre, one of the worst-hit districts. It was a challenging time for her because there was no one to help her.

Maya had lost her husband 14 years ago due to HIV, and she herself had been infected by her husband. Now she lives with HIV under a cloud of humiliation and desolation. And her days are probably numbered due to a lack of proper medical treatment. The money she earns doing menial jobs is not sufficient to cover her medication. HIV-related social organisations which had helped her previously now lack the resources to cover her medication.

Maya and her father-in-law were homeless and could not find shelter simply because she is HIV positive. The onset of the freezing winter has put their lives at risk.

Despite the doom and gloom, Maya has to stay strong for her family. Her two children are cared for by Koinonia Grace Home, and they are studying well in Kathmandu.

The National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN) has helped her to build the house where she and her father in-law now reside warmly and happily. Maya has expressed her deep and sincere thanks to NMCN for meeting her need by building the house for them.

I would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to those who have responded to NMCN’s calls for prayers and donations to rebuild the lives of the Nepal earthquake victims.

We are ever thankful to God for enabling us to touch lives in the name of Christ and share the good news in order to bring joy, love and hope. Once again thank you for your generosity and fervent prayer support.

Ram Prasad, the executive director of NMCN, is a Co-Mission Partner of AsiaCMS, which is partnering with several local agencies in undertaking earthquake relief work in Nepal.

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