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Importance of social services in churches

| News, Pray | March 07, 2016

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By Bhibin Shakya

Nawaraj Ghalan, 35, lives in Hetauda, Makawanpur district. He is a leader in Getasmani Jante church and is interested in evangelism and church planting. He had thought that church should be focused on evangelism and church planting by preaching.He had no interest in social services through the local church. But when he participated in one of the GCS holistic mission seminars he realised the importance of social services in churches.

“Two family members converted and realised God’s love when they received relief food after the devastating earthquake,” he said.

Nawaraj was responsible for distributing relief food at Pandrang village of Makawapur district in November. When he distributed relief food provided by GCS, two families came to the church and said they were impressed by the Christian people and wanted to know more about Jesus.

They had been betrayed by other people many times. When they needed food and other relief aid, help came at the right time. They did not just receive relief materials but also received God’s word about His love and care.

Nawaraj now realised that social services also play a vital role in evangelism in the local context. He realised that small things given with love can make a big impact.

He has decided to get involved in social services in partnership with local churches. Now, he has become a district representative under Grace Community Services. He wants to share the Gospel through helping the marginalised and discriminated people.

Please pray for regular scholarships for HIV-infected and affected children. Seek God’s providence too that those people who have been marginalised and discriminated against would get their damaged houses renovated.

Bhibin Shakya is a co-mission partner of AsiaCMS in Nepal.

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