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Practical way of meeting Cambodia’s needs

| News, Pray | August 02, 2016


Some things can’t be learned at work, and most people do not have the time or resources to sit and study at home. For Kingdom work, Cambodians find it very expensive and impractical to spend three years at a seminary to gain a diploma.

Also time is often spent learning things that don’t really help to bring Christ to Cambodians, while neglecting the practical issues they face every day in ministry.

Shalom Mission Cambodia is standing in the gap by launching the School of Ministries in October 2015, and it has since conducted three programmes, with another running this month.

Our workers learn from their senior leaders, their experiences and each other. We bring serving pastors and workers together to learn, question, pray and plan the future work of the Kingdom. We cover Bible and doctrinal teachings and also practical issues like Bible Application, Personal Transformation, Resolving Conflict, Counselling, Leadership, Managing Finances, Marriage and Parenting.

The participants have the opportunity to interact with experienced ministers who bring their knowledge, different perspectives and vision – and then in the evenings they discuss what they learned, or didn’t understand, and what it means to their ministry. In the months between courses they are given assignments related to their work to ensure that what they are learning is grounded in the realities of ministry where they are.

We want everything to be relevant and applicable to their work reaching Cambodians for Christ. We are not trying to produce theologians; we want men and women to be confident that they have the character and spiritual resources to fulfil what the Lord Jesus has called them to do.

We see them enjoying fellowship and sharing their longings and their needs. Everyone’s faith and understanding is growing in this positive atmosphere of encouragement and love.

Please pray for our students to be well equipped and grounded in the word of God. May the Lord continue to send anointed teachers to impart knowledge relevant to our needs. – Chhinho Saing, AsiaCMS co-mission partner, Cambodia


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