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Tang Po Kau

| Stories | November 02, 2012

Name : Tang Po Kau

Sending Organizations : Presbyterian Church Hong Kong Presbytery / Church Mission Society

Receiving Organisation : National Churches Fellowship of Nepal

Location : Kathmandu (Nepal)

CoMP Since: 2007

Po Kau  has been working in Nepal since 2007 . Her work is mainly focused on church leadership training with the Leadership Training department (LTD) and the Mission Commission on Nepal (MCN) which are wings of the NCFN.

Nepal’s Christian history until the 1990’s was one marked by persecution and restrictions. With more democratic freedoms during the 90’s , the church there has been growing at a big way, mainly in the central and eastern parts of the country.

However this growth is tempered by an ever growing need for proper and sound theological grounding for the church leadership and it is in this important sphere that PO Kau contributes. Nepal’s culture, both within the church and society at large ,  is still coming to terms with women in positions of leadership . Issues of gender and caste with deep roots in traditional Hindu society , continues to be a challenge within churches here.

Po Kau’s presence and the training on ‘women leadership skills ‘ ( with LTD ) which she delivers in different parts of Nepal is very important in this respect .

Po Kau was born in Hong Kong and growing up, had a traditional Chinese and Buddhist upbringing. She came to know the Lord in high school and after university and graduate school has worked for years as a social worker and a youth minister with the Cumberland Presbyterian church before coming to Nepal to serve.

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