Women convicts find freedom and hope

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Women convicts find freedom and hope

| Stories | November 08, 2016


The third quarter was truly one of miracles and you have stood in the gap for us to experience these miracles.

We are overwhelmed with all that has happened and it is the Lord’s doing. We were able to assist in rehabilitation of released prisoners, complete first level of life skills and livelihood training with women convicts, bringing such hope and future to them, and found miraculous provisions with regard to finances.

Twenty women convicts who had been serving their term were released prematurely on the guidelines approved by the provincial government. The team met with them individually and had worked out a post-release rehabilitation plan for them.

We raised 100,000 INR (about 1,224GBP) from individual donations that were needed to pay fines for the inmates and buy basic needs for all the 21 women released.

Our funding is only for the next few months and we are applying for long-term funding. Kindly pray for long-term funding to come through so the work can go on without any problems. — Co-Mission Partners working with Rehabilitation of Prisoners

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