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AsiaCMS is passionate about training and equipping leaders for mission. We are forming partnerships and networks across Asia to better train, support and engage in cross-cultural ministry. Our focus is Asia and there is plenty of work to be done.

We are part of the CMS ‘Church Mission Society’ network – click below for more on origins and history.

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Equipping Mission workers in Asia – Asia is sending more mission workers; however, they are often inadequately trained. AsiaCMS has developed a cross-cultural training course for mission workers which focuses on both the biblical foundations for mission as well as the practical challenges of cross-cultural living ministry.

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A mission partner might be an individual, a couple or a family who have been locally selected to go into mission. They are sent in partnership between AsiaCMS and the local agency, to work cross-culturally. They are amazing people doing incredible work supporting local church, integrating with community and building God’s kingdom.

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Christianity is growing rapidly in Asia. There are already 252 million Christians, but this represents only 8.5% of the overall Asian Population. There are 3.8 billion non-Christian Asians, and in many nations there is little penetration of Christianity and a lack of engagement with the other major world faiths.
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