Engage – The Challenge Faced

Buddhist temple

The heartlands of Asian Faith


Many nations in Asia despite centuries of Christian mission still have less than 1% Christian population. The church continues to grow and the Holy Spirit is at work. However, despite continued efforts the gospel has had no real penetration into the heartlands of the 3 major Asian faiths.

This raises questions as to how to effectively equip mission workers. How can we effectively communicate the gospel and how do we develop healthy indigenous churches that follow Jesus, yet remain true to their own culture?

More and more countries in Asia are raising up mission workers, sometimes to go to another country, but often to work cross-culturally within their own borders. It is an exciting time for world mission with new opportunities and we are pleased to be able to work alongside indigenous mission movements.















Engaging with other Faiths


We work in partnership with local churches to train their members in how to engage with other faiths. There are often many assumptions held about other faiths and people can feel uneasy about asking more. The training sessions are interactive with a practical focus on how Christians can better engage with their neighbour. Making use of bible stories we show how to create connections and help explain the faith we profess.

Have a look at AsiaGateway programmes to understand more and find out about our upcoming events.

Equipping  for the task


As part of their roles as Directors of AsiaCMS, Tan Kang-San and Loun Ling write, teach and publish on inter-religious engagement. They draw upon a network of over 20 mission leaders with specialisms in engaging with Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. They seek to challenge the church in how it thinks, acts and dialogues with fellow Asians of other faiths.

Kang-San is Senior Advisor for the World Evangelical Alliance on Inter-Faith Issues and Senior Advisor to the Lausanne Movement on Buddhism. AsiaCMS is therefore able to offer specialist research, teaching and training to mission workers and agencies seeking to understand and develop dialogue with other Asian world faiths.




















“I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do this for the sake of the gospel”

1 Corintians 9:22