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True transformation comes from within

| News | July 21, 2015

Anilal reaching for the King of Fruits

Anilal reaching for the King of Fruits

By Anilal M. Jose

What do you expect a drug rehabilitation centre to look like? Ya, I was expecting something like a closed place, which keeps the people indoors to prevent them from falling prey to the temptation again!

Most rehab centres which I visited before were instrumental in creating such a picture in me.

Alas! To my surprise, the Kenosis Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mantin is a place gleaming like paradise, radiant with green trees, filled with fruits of multiple colours and varieties, and its atmosphere overflowing with the sounds of twittering birds, barks and bleats of animals.

The ambience of the place is enhanced by the smiling and welcoming presence of the cheerful trainees and staff. They were energetic and full of hope. Their words are filled with dedication and faith in God.

The campus is rightly named Kenosis to represent the self-emptying mission of Jesus to the least ones on this earth. The person who leased out the land for a token rent represents Kenosis. The members of the community embody Kenosis as they are involved in physically demanding jobs and support other ministries of Kenosis that reach out to the people who are in need of help.

The work therapy in Kenosis, in reality, teaches the joy of working for others. Take a stroll through the centre grounds and one can easily sense the energy and life in the air.

People say hope springs eternal. Kicking the drug habit is never easy. Getting totally healed of its life-debilitating effects is even harder. Yes, the rehab centre is rightly conceptualised as a place for transformation. As Roger, one of the trainees, says: “Real transformation needs to come from within the person.”

Anilal M. Jose was one of the 12 students of Asia Gateway Training Level 1 who visited the Kenosis Drug Rehabilitation Centre on July 4. Anilal, a priest in Kerala, India, is pursuing his Doctorate in Communication.

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