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From the streets to a reputable hotel

| News, Stories | November 09, 2015


By Esther Gnanakan

Sanjay was referred to ESCAPE at the age of 16 through the legal system. He was at one of the remand homes before he was referred to ESCAPE. Sanjay received residential counselling at our respite home. During his stay with us he learnt to manage his anger and also to work as a team. We noticed good leadership qualities in him.

Sanjay’s family lived on the streets and one of his sisters lives in a child development centre. When Sanjay was referred to us, he did not have a clear plan of what he wanted to do in his life. With the help of counselling he was able to make good decisions about his future. Sanjay decided to follow a vocational training course at a reputable government institution.

Sanjay was sent for vocational training, and he was one of the best students as he excelled in his course and all extra-curricular activities. At the vocational training centre, he got an opportunity to develop his personality and identify his skills. He passed his initial examination and was ready to move out of the vocational training institute and study a higher course which would train him specifically on hotel steward skills.

He excelled at the next level of vocational training course. Thereafter he was recruited to a reputable hotel as a steward. With all the skills he had learnt from our respite home and at the vocational training institute he excelled in his work. He continues to work as a steward at the hotel.

When Sanjay decided to visit ESCAPE after many years, he expressed his desire to reconnect with his family. Therefore, a family meeting was organised for Sanjay, and he was able to buy little tokens for each family member. Sanjay’s plan is to purchase a small house for his family and continue to support the family.

Esther is a Co-Mission Partner of AsiaCMS who works with the ‘ESCAPE project’ of the Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS) in Sri Lanka.

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