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HIV-infected woman sewing her way to hope

| News | May 19, 2015

Tulmaya finds hope through Grace
Life can seem cruel and overwhelming at times. HIV-infected Tulmaya Tharu thought her world had ended when her husband died of AIDS in 2013.

It didn’t help that Tulmaya, from Bardiya in midwest Nepal, was blamed for her husband’s death when he was the one who transmitted the virus to her.

After being widowed, she kept knocking on the doors of relatives, friends and various institutions for help but to no avail.

But things began to look up after she came into contact with the HIV outreach staff of Grace Community Services in Nepal, a partner organisation of AsiaCMS.

Since enrolling for a six-month tailoring course in Bardiya, she has regained her self-confidence and, more importantly, hope for the future.

“I’m no more helpless and hopeless,” she told AsiaCMS co-mission partner Bhibin Shakya.

“Now I am so happy. I want to help and train other women who are like me,” Tulmaya said.

Bhibin said she would be given a new sewing machine after completing the training.

The tailoring course is part of social programmes run by Grace in Nepal. Over the last four months, Bhibin and his wife Romi have been visiting eastern and southern Nepal to facilitate training courses, workshops and seminars.

As a Deacon, Bhibin finds joy in helping to transform the poor, the marginalised and people discriminated by society.

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