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Passion to share the light

| News, Pray | November 30, 2015


As Milan Magar was reading about the Magar people on the Internet, he was burdened with a deep desire to reach out and help them.

“My people are in darkness and living a miserable life without the Living God. It has encouraged me with a passion to reach them with the Gospel,” he said.“As I was preaching a Gospel message to another unreached people group, the Tharu community, I was so deeply touched by the need for workers to reach them with the Gospel.

“It has given me the passion to walk the extra mile and equip some of the people from their group and help them to reach their community,” Milan said.

Milan acknowledged the fact that he is a young leader who needs to connect with the older generation of leaders to bring about a cross-generational harvest.

Pray for the Lord to give Milan wisdom, patience and perseverance so that every part of the Church can be effective servants of God.

Milan – Coordinator in Pastoral and leadership training, Leadership Training Department –National Churches Fellowship of Nepal

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