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Pray again for Diki

| News, Pray | September 10, 2013

Serving Kathmandu, Nepal

Serving in Kathmandu, Nepal

We previously asked you to pray for Diki who is serving as a co-mission partner in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she and he husband help run a project for children with special needs.

She was admitted in June for surgery to remove a molar pregnancy. She contracted an infection post surgery and chemotherapy is being used to treat the infection.

She writes this week “Just want you to know that I am still  on chemotherapy treatment as my blood count is not normal yet and recently have had some complications from the treatment with my liver enzyme rising very high. I usually stay for 8 days in the hospital, a week rest at home and then back to the hospital. Now just mentioning the needle makes me feel sick. Its been about three months I have  now been out of the office and am longing to get well and resume my work again.”

Please join us in prayer for her full recovery, and also remember her husband Marama and daughter Faith.

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