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| Pray | November 03, 2014

A recent story from mission partner Bhibin Shakya. Bhibin is involved in youth, drugs and HIV ministry in Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Matula*, 22, lives at in the Bardiya district with her 3 year old daughter. Her husband Kumar* used to work as a labourer in India. His first wife died in 2010 and he was remarried to Tulmaya when she was 18 years old. She stayed with her father and mother in law until her husband died. When he died of AIDS she was blamed for transferring HIV to her husband and was thrown out of her house with her daughter.

She spent a lot of time seeking the help of relatives, friends and various institutions. She had lost everything including self confidence and hope for the future. She kept on knocking on doors for help but it was in vain. Finally, she came into contact with our HIV outreach staff at the end of 2013. The Lord spoke to her through HIV staff. Now, she has the chance to become residential staff in the day care centre with her daughter in Bardiya.

The most important thing is that she has surrendered herself and her children into the hands of the Lord. She is excited and encouraged to live with dignity and have friends and fellowships with other HIV people with whom she can share joy and sorrows with each other.”  (*Names have been changed)

Many men in Nepal seek work across Asia spending several years away from family in an attempt to earn a better wage. Sadly this can have very negative impact on families, with husbands and fathers away for so long and this story of migrant worker being infected with HIV from a sex worker is not uncommon. Please pray for Tulmaya and her daughter and for the work of Bhibin supporting those suffering with HIV and the stigma they face in Nepal

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