Impacting emerging leaders among unreached groups

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Impacting emerging leaders among unreached groups

| Pray, Stories | January 09, 2017


Chanak Ram Chaudhary belongs to the Tharu, one of the most unreached people groups in Nepal. They used to be landlords of the far western Nepal but lost their possessions after their land was confiscated or they were cheated by the upper class people. Today, many of them work as a Kamaiya (servant) for the landlords.

When Chanak Ram first came to our training centre, he was a church goer but was shy and lacked confidence.

But his learning heart, faith and integrity have made him an eloquent preacher. The Lord has given him more than 100 believers.

I praise God for keeping me at strategic places to impact and influence emerging leaders of unreached people groups. Our investment is bearing fruit from the far western to eastern Nepal.

We also reached out to the Mushar with the love of Christ, taking the initiative to build relationship with the marginalised and the poor. We adopted two Mushar communities and distributed winter clothes and blankets for 140 people.

They cannot even afford to buy winter clothes and protect themselves from the cold. They are oppressed and isolated from the nation too.

But the Lord moved my heart when I saw them in their deprived state. My prayer was to help them and transform this community in Christ Jesus our Lord. The Lord is good. He spoke with some friends and we were able to share Christ with the word and works.

Today, children, elderly men and women from 40 families can use those winter clothes to protect themselves from the cold. They could even celebrate Christmas with the comforting knowledge that Christ loves them.

Please pray that the Lord may help us to continue reaching more unreached people.

– Milan Kumar Magar, Itahari, Nepal

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